Monday, August 22, 2011

Stevia Cultivation training

Please contact us for the stevia cultivation training. We provide training on the stevia cultivation.  We will take you on field visit of stevia cultivation farm and you can ask your queries from the growers.

In the training we will cover the following topics
·         Introduction of the stevia
·         Planting material for stevia
·         Field/Land preparation for stevia
·         Planting of the stevia saplings
·         Water management in stevia crop
·         Nutrient management for stevia
·         Pest and disease management
·         Harvesting and post harvesting
·         Marketing of the stevia leaves
·         Stevia Filed Visit

We will charges Rs 10,000 for two candidates.

Stevia cultivation In India

 Stevia is a successfully crop which can be grown in In india. The Climatic condition of India. suits the stevia cultivation. We can provide you the complete consultancy for the stevia cultivation. Our representative will help you the get your farm developed. We will also provide you the stevia plants at very competitive rate. We have contact with the stevia processing unit in India. Stevia is a very profitable crop. Once it is grown it can be harvested for five years. The stevia leaves are used for the making of the calorie free sweetener. There is huge demand of the natural calorie free sweetener in India due to the Diabetes Disease..  

STEVIA  (Stevia rebaudiana ) CULTIVATION
The current stevia marketing is increasing day by day

We can provide you the best price of your stevia leaves. Please contact immediately. This is one of the best times to start the stevia cultivation

Please send me your private message with contact information. We will contact you very soon.